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Kastl C., Bonfa P., Maserati L.
Anharmonic Exciton-Phonon Coupling in Metal-Organic Chalcogenides Hybrid Quantum Wells
Advanced Optical Materials
Jimenez J., Cortecchia D., Wong E., Folpini G., Treglia A., Alvarado Leanos A., Wu C., Olivati A., Petrozza A.
Carrier Trapping Deactivation by Halide Alloying in Formamidinium‐Based Lead Iodide Perovskites
Advanced Functional Materials
Article Journal
Martani S., Zhou Y., Poli I., Aktas E., Meggiolaro D., Jimenez-Lopez J., Wong E.L., Gregori L., Prato M., Di Girolamo D., Abate A., De Angelis F., Petrozza A.
Defect Engineering to Achieve Photostable Wide Bandgap Metal Halide Perovskites
ACS Energy Letters, vol. 8, (no. 6), pp. 2801-2808
Petrozza A., Caironi M.
Exploratory Research and the Quest for Sustainability
ACS Energy Letters, vol. 8, (no. 3)
Editorial Journal
Liu A., Zhu H., Bai S., Reo Y., Caironi M., Petrozza A., Dou L., Noh Y.-Y.
High-performance metal halide perovskite transistors
Nature Electronics
Article Journal
Berger F.J., Poli I., Aktas E., Martani S., Meggiolaro D., Gregori L., Albaqami M.D., Abate A., De Angelis F., Petrozza A.
How Halide Alloying Influences the Optoelectronic Quality in Tin-Halide Perovskite Solar Absorbers
ACS Energy Letters, pp. 3876-3882
Zhou Y., van Laar S.C.W., Meggiolaro D., Gregori L., Martani S., Heng J.-Y., Datta K., Jimenez-Lopez J., Wang F., Wong E.L., Poli I., Treglia A., Cortecchia D., Prato M., Kobera L., Gao F., Zhao N., Janssen R.A.J., De Angelis F., Petrozza A.
How Photogenerated I2 Induces I-Rich Phase Formation in Lead Mixed Halide Perovskites
Advanced Materials
Fratelli I., Maserati L., Basirico L., Galeazzi A., Passarella B., Ciavatti A., Caironi M., Fraboni B.
Layered metal-organic chalcogenide thin films for flexible and large-area X-ray direct detection
Frontiers in Physics, vol. 11, pp. 1325164
Article Journal
Rojas Gatjens E., Li H., Vega Flick A., Cortecchia D., Petrozza A., Bittner E., Srimath Kandada A., Silva-Acuña C.
Many-Exciton Quantum Dynamics in a Ruddlesden–Popper Tin Iodide
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Article Journal
Aktas E., Poli I., Ponti C., Li G., Olivati A., Di Girolamo D., Alharthi F., Li M., Palomares E., Petrozza A., Abate A.
One-Step Solution Deposition of Tin-Perovskite onto a Self-Assembled Monolayer with a DMSO-Free Solvent System
ACS Energy Letters
Article Journal
Folpini G., Palummo M., Cortecchia D., Moretti L., Cerullo G., Petrozza A., Giorgi G., Srimath Kandada A.R.
Plurality of excitons in Ruddlesden-Popper metal halides and the role of the B-site metal cation
Materials Advances, vol. 4, (no. 7), pp. 1720-1730
Chu Q.-Q., Sun Z., Hah J., Moon K.-S., Cheng B., Wang D., Xiao P., Zhou Y., Petrozza A., Yang G.-J., Wang H., Wong C.-P.
Progress, challenges, and further trends of all perovskites tandem solar cells: A comprehensive review
Materials Today
Review Journal
Vukovic O., Folpini G., Wong E.L., Leoncino L., Terraneo G., Albaqami M.D., Petrozza A., Cortecchia D.
Structural effects on the luminescence properties of CsPbI3 nanocrystals
Xu X., Munoz-Marmol R., Vasylevskyi S., Villa A., Folpini G., Scotognella F., Maria Paterno G., Narita A.
Synthesis of Bioctacene-Incorporated Nanographene with Near-Infrared Chiroptical Properties
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
Mihalyi-Koch W., Folpini G., Roy C., Kaiser W., Wu C., Sanders K., Guzei I., Wright J., De Angelis F., Cortecchia D., Petrozza A., Jin S.
Tuning Structure and Excitonic Properties of 2D Ruddlesden–Popper Germanium, Tin, and Lead Iodide Perovskites via Interplay between Cations
Journal of the American Chemical Society
Article Journal

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